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Visit us at our either of our two Tasting Rooms: the original tasting room, Michael Shaps Wineworks, at our winery; or at our second location, Wineworks Extended, at our warehouse.

Michael Shaps Wineworks on Harris Creek Way is a traditional tasting room at our winery where the Virginia wine is made. Visit this location for a full selection of the Michael Shaps Virginia label, as well as the Maison Shaps Burgundy label--imported from Michael's winery in Meursault, France.

Wineworks Extended on Avon Street Extended, across from 5th Street Station shopping center, is the second tasting room at the working warehouse where the wine is bottled and stored. Visit Wineworks Extended for Michael's everyday drinking wine in the Wineworks label, including flights of wine, wine on tap, growlers, carafes and bottles.  In addition to a selection of the Michael Shaps and Maison Shaps Burgundy wines available in bottles, Michael also has imported some interesting French wines that he has found in his travels.

Michael Shaps Wineworks (winery)

1781 Harris Creek Way

Charlottesville, VA 22902

p: 434.296.3438


Open Daily 11am-5pm


Wineworks Extended (warehouse)

1585 Avon Street Extended

Charlottesville, VA  22902

p: 434.529.6848


Open Daily 1pm-7pm